Overall… MCOM 352 ROCKS!

Blog #4 for MCOM 352

After deciding to participate in another of Dr. Nichols classes I had a feeling that it would be a little harder then I anticipated. Although, this was a reason to really immerse myself into society where I can understand underlying meanings of text and relate those messages to my friends and family. Dr. Nichols is a fabulous teacher who can engage students in topic that they are not even interested in, I feel that this is one of the main barriers of taking Mass Communications 352. Each Blog that I am going to critique is being chosen for a reason. It is a tough choice considering that every individual student has so many creative ideas that have been brought to the table for class. Allison Wachtel gave me an interesting insight into the “Wonderful World of Disney” especially when she stated that she had the resources with her younger cousins. Jennifer Smith’s particular blog gave every little detail into explaining codes to her audience while using examples for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Finally, I chose Alexa Laxerow’s blog to do because I feel that she is an amazing writer and will aspire to do something great through these talents. She was able to provide unique examples and follow the criteria needed for this assignment.

Allison Wachtel’s Blog

Can Disney Really Make Your Dreams Come True?

Not only am I just as obsessed with Disney as I feel that you are but, now I am able to look through this lens and avoid the rose colored tint that we are taught to look through for so many years of our childhood.pastedGraphic.pdf

One of my favorite parts that you brought to your readers attention in your blog are the different approaches. I thought that it helped relate the particular blog to the different topics that we covered in class as well. Something that you have pressed upon in this particular blog is the impression that the movies and shows leaves its young audience with. Children can take many different actions many different ways and I feel that it is important that society is able to address them. There is really nothing that I can say negative about your blog, just that maybe you could provide a few different examples that we did not go over in class as the way children see the movies.

Jennifer Smith’s Blog

Active Audience or Bust?



Unlike the other blog’s that I looked over before writing these comments I really enjoyed how you opened up this particular blog with explaining the definition of semiotics to your audience. This in particular is not something that is easily explained to you audience, I know at least explaining this with my parents it is not.  It was very impressive that with the incorporation of John Fiske’s semiotic analysis you are able to show your audience proof of what you are trying to say, as well as providing the resources needed to back up your findings. It is increasingly important to introduce this particular show to your audience incase they have not been exposed to the lovely life of the New Jersey  Housewives. pastedGraphic_2.pdfThe image of ideology that you provided within your blog really made me interested in how you were planning to take this particular approach to explain the different ideas and how these concepts are able to be made sense of. Providing your audience with the information that this is not how every housewife from New Jersey acts is vital information which you were able to show towards the end or your blog. By providing information such as this to your readers you are able to show that you understand every angle that people interpret these women and their families. I thought you did an outstanding job in critiquing the New Jersey Housewives and that you should keep up blogging in the future.

Alexa Lazerow’s Blog







You, Me and Media Criticism

It is hard to find negative criticism that is able to be said about this particular blog post. First things first though, I think that Alexa is an amazing writer and will be able to take her writing to new heights before she graduates from Towson. Unlike the other blogs that I could have chosen, I liked hers due to the fact that she introduced herself on a more personal level and opened up about her family. By helping to immerse the definition “Media criticism formally is the systematic process used to understand media texts as meaningful sociocultural symbolic forms and processes,” into her text she show the audience what she is planning to introduce them to and why. By showing particular examples as to how a society, such as ourselves, is unable to survive without our everyday media needs portrays how dependent we actually are on technology. I agree with the fact that everyone is always made to look busy and we are always buried in some form of technology. One of the most enjoyable things that I found while reading Alexa’s blog was the fact that she chose to use Apple as an example. Apple is considered to be a large company with all of the different products that are being sold, but on the other hand they are unable to sell to the same targeted consumers forever. Particularly it is the image that is so eye catching to the audience because we are “chained” into these new and upcoming forms of technology and it is almost impossible to break free. The only thing that I feel could be added into this blog would be a possible video? But on a side note I love the picture of the dogs!


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