If you can’t say it, show it

Arkansas is the founding place of Coca Cola, one of the oldest brands in America created in 1886. It has been distributed all around the world from Russia to the United States. It can even be said that Coca Cola is the world’s soft drink, and can appeal to almost any audience.

In this particular Coca Cola advertisement it is to promote “Open Happiness” the viewer is able to see that the kids within the advertisement are attractive individuals that are having fun and wearing smiles on their face. The place in which it is taking place is on a sandy beach and then moves the attention to the body of water. The kids participating are portraying a look of excitement and fun that allows the viewers to wish that they were in the same place participating in the fun. On the body of water the viewer is able to see that the Coca Cola bottle has the “power” to have its consumers defy gravity with the air machine, by allowing the kids to float in the air.

By creating this advertisement Coca Cola will be able to target a younger audience demographic. Within this particular demographic since they are portraying fun and exciting activities it will draw attention to the carefree personalities of this younger generation. Since the boys in the advertisement are attractive and are physically attractive it will draw strong female viewers into the product. On the other side of the spectrum the girls in the bikinis are considered to be beautiful by our society’s standards, and will grasp the attention of male viewers. The music within the advertisement is a happy upbeat tune that is portraying that everyday is brand new. It is also implying the idea that you are able to make every day a “Coke” day, which in turn iterates that it will be a good day.

Embedded within the text of this Coca Cola advertisement are a variety of semiotics. Coca Cola is known for its colors red and white, both colors have different meanings with are able to be understood by what they ultimately stand for. The color red has been known to represent energy, strength, power and can also be related to passion, desire, and love. Red is also symbolic to particular actions that are meant to take place when coming in contact with the color. Coca Cola is indicating that when you see their advertisements you should stop and observe at what is being said, or shown. The other color that is also associated with the Coca Cola company is white. White is said to be clean and neutral. Another indication through this color is that it invokes clarity, and purification. Society normally associates the color white with new beginnings. Within the Coca Cola advertisement white can be connected as an iconic sign the the beverage is pure and clean. Once the consumer drinks the beverage it will quench their thirst, thus making them happy. While using the two of these colors together Coca Cola is able to draw potential consumers in by the particular striking appearance of the products and the ability to stand out amongst the competing companies.

After viewing the advertisement above would all of the fun and excitement happening make you want to consumer a Coke, since it is indicating that it will provide the same emotions for you? Although this advertisement is unrealistic it is still portraying that Coca Cola can provide the consumers with with the same joyous emotions being demonstrated through the advertisement. The symbolism being used through the music and actions of the kids participating can be considered an indexical sign. During the song in the commercial the words say “come on open up a brand new day, come on let me be someone today,” when the word open up is being delivered the kids in the advertisement are open up Cokes. This message is simply stating that when a Coke is opened happiness is found, this can be a dominant way of reading text.

Although during the time that Coca Cola was created most of the soft beverages had the same glass bottle shape of a slender neck and wider midsection Coca Cola is the only brand that stayed with that image. In the commercial the inflated Coke bottle takes the form of the old glass bottle shape. This in turn can say that Coca Cola is still loyal to their tradition but, can change with the forthcoming generations, and It can provide any happiness that is needed for each individual consumer.

The excitement and happiness as well as the setting that this advertisement is placed portrays a certain message. It is open text in the fact that it leaves room for the viewer to decide if there can be other interpreted meanings of this text. This way the viewer can expand on what the company stands for and if there is something else deeper that Coca Cola is trying to get across to the consumer. An example of this could be that since the Coca Cola bottle is sitting on top of the water with air letting the kids defy gravity, then in turn launching them out of the top could be “Coca Cola will blow you out of the water.”

Coca Cola has composed many different advertisements over the years, the main message that is being established in the audience is that Coke can provide happiness. Any text that you take from the company will depict that and this is the first text that the music is saying it to the consumer.

Within all of the text there are many codes that are used to generate emotion from the desired consumers. By picking a particular target audience to be reached it allows more creativity, and interpretation for potential consumers.


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